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Dentistry in Turkey

Dental treatment is among the most performed treatments in Turkey, and the most ideal dental clinic and dentists are located in Istanbul for people who want to have a natural tooth appearance in terms of both aesthetics and health. Dental treatment includes not only the teeth, but also the structure of the mouth and jaw. As TravelMEDI, we determine the most suitable treatment method for your mouth and jaw with our qualified and highly equipped dentist team, and performs your natural activities such as smiling, speaking, eating without causing any disruption.

By treating your teeth, you can have a healthy mouth structure, but you can also have a very stylish appearance with aesthetic procedures. For example, with zirconia or porcelain veneers, your smile can be just like Hollywood stars.

As TravelMEDI, we first examine the tomography to determine the most accurate treatment from our patients who will come from various countries for dental treatment, and as a result, we offer the most ideal treatment methods. We offer many treatment methods such as root canal treatment, high quality implant brands, veneer types, teeth whitening and cleaning, and composite filling as a package service.

Cost of Dentistry in Turkey

Cost of dental treatments in Turkey varies according to the technique of the operation, the experience of the doctor and the capacity of the hospital. We realize that some people from America, Canada, UK and Europe who want to have dental surgery in Turkey ignore important criteria such as the experience and expertise of the doctor and hospital equipment in order to gain a price advantage. Of course, "expensive surgery" does not always mean "high quality operation", but the most important point you should pay attention to is that you should not do your research only "price-oriented".

Dentistry surgery prices in Turkey are at least 60% more affordable than UK, USA, Canada and most European countries (such as Italy, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland). Despite this, even if there is a doctor with the same experience and a hospital with the same quality level, the techniques used in the surgery, the quality of the materials used, the medicine to be used during or post operation, even the equipment such as bandages, pillows affect the package price.

In the list given below, you can see the most popular dental surgeries (such as all-on-four, implant, crown, veneers) operations and average price ranges in Turkey.

Most Popular Dental Treatments Cost in Turkey

Our Certificates

TravelMEDI MTQUA certificate - First medical tourism company in Turkey
JCI certificate - JCI certificated hospitals in Turkey
TravelMEDI TURSAB certificate - TURSAB certificated medical tourism company in Turkey
TAOM certificate - TAOM certificated hospitals in Turkey
TPRECD certificate - TPRECD certificated hospitals in Turkey
TPRECD certificate - TPRECD certificated hospitals in Turkey

Dentral Treatments Cost Comparison between Turkey and US, UK, and Europe

All of cost of the laser eye surgeries you see in the table below are average cost, and as we mentioned above, there are many factors affecting the price. For example, type of lenses, laser device and there is a price difference between them. These surgical types and lenses are not up to the patient's own preference, and the technique deemed appropriate by the doctor is applied. Therefore, as TravelMEDI, we provide free consultation to our patients who apply to us, determine the most appropriate treatment and technique, and offer the most affordable healthcare service.

Treatment Average Cost in Turkey Average Cost in US America ($) Average Cost in UK ($) Average Cost in Europe ($)
Dental Implants $400 per implant $1200 per implant $1500 per implant $950 per implant
Dental Crown $400 per crown $1200 per crown $1500 per crown $950 per crown
All on 4 Implants $1750 - $2700 $4750 - $8000 $6500 - $9000 $5000 - $8000
Laminate Veneers $300 per veneer $900 per veneer $1100 per veneer $1000 per veneer
Teeth Whitening / Bleaching $200 $600 $900 $900
Cost of dental treatments comparison table between Turkey and USA, UK, Europe
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