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Gastric balloon non-surgical weight loss

Gastric Balloon is usually utilized for morbidly obese people to reduce the risk of surgical intervention. It is mostly preferred for those who have BMI between 27-35kg/m2 and who do not have any additional ilnesses such as diabetes.

Gastric Balloon General Overview


No Need

Duration of Intervention

2-3 Hours


No Need

Definite Result

6-12 Months

Return to Social Life

2 Days

Return to Work

1 Week

Sports Activity Recovery

3-4 Weeks

Average Pain After 3 Days

0-1 *

*Pain rating scale: from 0 = absence to 5 maximum pain

Gastric Balloon

Gastric Balloon (also known as Intragastric Balloon) is one of the recent treatments for obesity. Gastric Balloon is usually utilized for Morbidly Obese people to reduce the risk of surgical intervention. With this method, the aim is to fill a part of stomach with a balloon to suppress the hunger. It is mostly preferred for those who have BMI between 27-35kg/m2 and who do not have any additional ilnesses such as diabetes.

There are 3 types of Gastric Balloon
  • 4 months (Elipse™ Gastric Balloon)
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Elipse™ Gastric Balloon

Elipse Gastric Balloon is the latest version of balloons and it takes only 4 months. It is also known as Elipse Gastric Pill and it does not require any endoscopy, it is applied by swallowing. It allows you to be full with less amount of food just like the other types of gastric balloons. It also prolongs the digestion process so you feel hungry later than normal. It easily allows you to follow a diet regimen to lose weight.

How Elipse™ Gastric Balloon procedure is performed?

Elipse Gastric Balloon is the only way of gastric balloon treatment that does not require any anesthesia, endoscopy or surgical intervention.

A balloon that is squeezed into the pill is swallowed with water. Once confirmed with abdominal X-Ray that it is has gone down to the stomach, it is filled with a solution up to 550Ml. At last, thin tube through which the liquid flows inside the stomach is taken out orally.

During this process it is not required neither anesthesia nor endoscopy. All procedure takes about 20 minutes in total.

Balloon stays inside the stomach for 16 weeks. After 16 weeks, evacuation cap is dissolved naturally and the liquid inside the balloon is excreted naturally. In this excretion process no surgical intervention is needed.

What are the advantages of Elipse™ Gastric Balloon?

  • Elipse gastric balloon is safe. Since it is a non-surgical treatment, you don’t have to worry about possible complications or post-operation healing process.
  • No anesthesia: It is the ideal way for those who are scared of having anesthesia or can not have anesthesia.
  • No endoscopy: Elipse™ gastric balloon is swallowed with water and it does not require endoscopy.
  • No extra intervention: In other types of gastric balloon, it is required to take the balloon out of the stomach via endoscopy. Elipse™ gastric balloon is excreted once it is dissolved in stomach.
  • Compared to other types of gastric balloon, Elipse™ has the least chance of complications. With other versions of gastric balloon, complication percentage can go up to 20% and in some cases it has to be taken out, while this percentage is 1,49% with Elipse™.

Who are suitable for Elipse™ Gastric Balloon?

It can be preferred by those who are suitable for other types of gastric balloon. The only difference of it is the easiness of application. It is mostly preferred by those who are scared of anesthesia or those who can not have anesthesia. The number of patients that cancel their surgeries due to anesthesia issues is higher than thought. Besides, it does not require endoscopy to be removed because it dissolves naturally. Therefore, patient avoids anesthesia not once but twice.

How much weight can you lose with Elipse Gastric Balloon?

All the researches and results of patients that preferred Elipse™ Gastric Balloon show us that it is possible to lose around 13-15KGs in 4 months.

Beside Elipse Gastric Balloon, if the patient follows a diet regimen with a dieticians guideness, he/she can lose up to 25-30KGs.

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Gastric Balloon Cost

Cost of Gastric Balloon surgery depending on various factors. Such as the gastric balloon types (elipse balloon, 6 months or 12 months balloons), the experience of the doctor who will perform the Gastric Balloon operation, and the hospital equipment. In the table below, you can see the comparison of the price of Gastric Balloon operation between Turkey and other countries (USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Mexico).

Country Cost of Gastric Balloon
Turkey $3000 - $4200
United States of America $8500 - $33000
United Kingdom $9500 - $34000
Czech Republic $5500 - $7000
Poland $5000 - $7500
Mexico $6750 - $18000
Italy $8500 - $19500
Cost of Gastric Balloon comparison table between Turkey and USA, UK, Europe

As can be seen price comparison table Gastric Balloon operation cost in Turkey starting from $3000 and it's 60% more economical comparing with the prices in USA, United Kingdom and Europe. The cost of bariatric surgery in Turkey is lower than in the UK, USA and Europe, but the low operating costs does not mean that the quality of medical service is low quality. For this reason Gastric Balloon one of most popular surgery in Turkey and nearly 40.000 Gastric Balloon surgeries are performed in a year.

The main reasons why patients choose Turkey to have Gastric Balloon surgery:

  • All Inclusive Package Price: The most important criteria that people who want to have a Gastric Balloon operation look for and want in terms of price is clarity. Turkey has a price advantage compared to Europe, America or UK with its quality treatment, accommodation, transfer services and all-inclusive price. As TravelMEDI, we would like to remind you that within the Gastric Balloon treatment, treatment costs (such as surgeon fee, medication fee, equipment fees, hospital fee, test fee), accommodation fee, transfer fees between the hospital and the hotel or the airport and the hotel are included in the operation price.
  • High Level Healthcare System: Turkey was one of the rare countries that did not experience a crisis in the health system even during the pandemic period, because it has large-scale and systematic health institutions (hospitals, number of experienced doctors, private clinics, well-equipped nurses and assistants). As TravelMEDI, we offer our patients the maximum health service at the most affordable prices in cooperation with experienced specialist doctors and highly equipped hospitals.
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Gastric Balloon Reviews

Reviews of our patients who prefer TravelMEDI for Gastric Balloon operation around the world and their Gastric Balloon experience.

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