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In our company we always use the highest quality worldwide known brands such as Mentor and Motiva in order to provide a guarantee and high success.

Breast Implants General Overview



Duration of Intervention

2-3 Hours


1 Night

Definite Result

8-12 Months

Return to Social Life

4 Days

Return to Work

1 Week

Sports Activity Recovery

3-4 Weeks

Average Pain After 3 Days

0-1 *

*Pain rating scale: from 0 = absence to 5 maximum pain

Breast Implants

Silicone is one of the most suitable materials for human body. There are 3 types of silicone implants such as solid, gel and liquid implants. Liquid implants were banned in 1996 due to its high risks.

One type of silicone implants is that has silicone outer surface and filled with physiological saline solution inside. The other type of silicone implant is that have gel compound inside. Those that have physiological saline solution may lose certain amount of volume through time. Whereas gel filled silicone implants do not lose that much volume. Recently “cohesive gel” filled implants have become very popular which do not lose any volume nor shape.

Breast implants types

Breast implants can be divided into different categories in terms of their features:

  1. In terms of shape
    • Teardrop (anatomical)
    • Round
    • Asymmetrical

    Round implants have the same diameter in the upper and lower surfaces. Whereas teardrop implants have shorter diameter in the upper surface, that is the exact reason why it is called anatomical implants as they resemble to a natural breast shape.

  2. Material
    • Silicone compound
    • Physiological solution (saline)

    In terms of material there are two types of implants. Silicone gel filled and physiological saline solution filled versions.

  3. Texture
    • Textured
    • Smoothed
    • Silk coated

In terms of texture they can be divided in three such as textured, smooth and silk surfaced. Textured implants are less likely to have a capsular contracture than the smooth surfaced implants. Silk surfaced implants are even less likely to have a capsular contracture than the textured ones.

The most preferred implant sizes are between 250-375cc. The most widely used implant brands are Mentor, Motiva, Mc Ghan and Natrella. Even though each brand has its own features, we usually recommend Motiva or Mentor brands to our patients. After the operation you will be handed a certificate of these brands.

Why should I choose teardrop (Anatomical) implants?

The type of prosthesis that will be preferred in breast augmentation surgeries is related to the expectations of the patient surgeon’s recommendations. Main reasons to choose the teardrop implants can be listed as follows;

  • Those who would like to have a teardrop shaped breasts rather than a normal round shaped breasts can prefer it.
  • Those who are underweight may prefer teardrop implants in order to avoid an unnatural transition of round implants in the upper part of chest.
  • Those who have sagging nipples or sagging breast skin may choose teardrop implants in order to support and stretch the skin with a natural curve.

Why should I choose round implants?

As mentioned above, the type of implant that will be preferred in breast enlargement surgery is related to the expectations of the person and the opinions and recommendations of the doctor. Main reasons to choose round implants can be listed as follows;

  • Those who do sports such as swimming, ski, surfing etc. can prefer round implants as teardrop implants are likely to move and create an asymmetry with physical effort. Round implants are not affected by physical movement and can hold their place.
  • If the patient would like to have a breast lifting(mastopexia) operation, he/she can choose round implants so it can fill more space under the skin and the skin can adapt easier after the procedure
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Breast Implants Cost

Cost of Breast Implants surgery depending on various factors. Such as the silicon brands (FDA approved implants such as Mentor,Motiva or other implants), the experience of the doctor who will perform the Breast Implants operation, and the hospital equipment. In the table below, you can see the comparison of the price of Breast Implants operation between Turkey and other countries (USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, Mexico).

Country Cost of Breast Implants
Turkey $2150 - $3500
United States of America $5500 - $17500
United Kingdom $6000 - $13500
Czech Republic $4250 - $7000
Poland $3750 - $6750
Mexico $3750 - $6200
Italy $6000 - $9000
Cost of Breast Implants comparison table between Turkey and USA, UK, Europe

As can be seen price comparison table Breast Implants surgery cost in Turkey starting from $2150 and it's 60% more economical comparing with the prices in USA, United Kingdom and Europe. The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey is lower than in the UK, USA and Europe, but the low operating costs does not mean that the quality of medical service is low quality. For this reason Breast Implants one of most popular surgery in Turkey and nearly 40.000 Breast Implants surgeries are performed in a year.

The main reasons why patients choose Turkey to have Breast Implants surgery:

  • All Inclusive Package Price: The most important criteria that people who want to have a Breast Implants operation look for and want in terms of price is clarity. Turkey has a price advantage compared to Europe, America or UK with its quality treatment, accommodation, transfer services and all-inclusive price. As TravelMEDI, we would like to remind you that within the Breast Implants treatment, treatment costs (such as surgeon fee, medication fee, equipment fees, hospital fee, test fee), accommodation fee, transfer fees between the hospital and the hotel or the airport and the hotel are included in the operation price.
  • High Level Healthcare System: Turkey was one of the rare countries that did not experience a crisis in the health system even during the pandemic period, because it has large-scale and systematic health institutions (hospitals, number of experienced doctors, private clinics, well-equipped nurses and assistants). As TravelMEDI, we offer our patients the maximum health service at the most affordable prices in cooperation with experienced specialist doctors and highly equipped hospitals.

Breast Implants Before-After Results

Some of those who has preferred TravelMEDI to have a new beginning to their life by having a Breast Implants procedure in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Breast Implants Reviews

Reviews of our patients who prefer TravelMEDI for Breast Implants operation around the world and their Breast Implants experience.

Most Popular and Frequently Asked

Breast Implants Questions

According to the researches, the prothesis used in breast augmentation can be used safely for lifetime. However, sometimes they may need to be replaced after 15-20 years. In theory, the life of the implant is longer than the life of the patient. However, due to aging, the skin and subcutaneous tissues become loose and sagging occurs, in this case the appearance may not be very pleasant and a removal or implant change may be needed. On the other hand, if there is a capsular contracture problem, the implant may need to be removed with a surgical intervention.

There is no scientific evidence that silicone breast implants cause cancer. Millions of people have been carrying these implants all over the world since the 1980s. It is important to make sure to choose FDA approved silicone brands because these implant brands come completely clean in mammography examinations.

Silicone breast implants developed after 2000s are being used safely for lifetime. It does not need to be replaced periodically. The silicone content in the prosthesis produced in the early 80s lost its effect over the years, therefore it had to be changed in 10-year intervals, but there is no need for such a change in the implants that are being used in the recent years.

The size should be determined by taking into consideration the current breast size, weight, height shoulder and back width of the patient.

Patient can have slight pain for a few days after breast augmentation procedure but it can be dealt with regular paracetamols.

With the implants that were produced in the 2000s, there has been no problem found in mammography examinations.

Yes, it is possible to breastfeed with implants but breast implants can affect a mother’s capacity to produce a full milk supply although there has been no big difference found. As a matter of fact, the amount of silicone found in cows milk is more than a breastmilk with silicone implants.

New generation silicone implants are really hard to feel if they are placed in the proper size. It is also very difficult to feel, especially when placed under the muscle, as the latest technology softens the silicone consistency. Their explosions are also unlikely unless there is a severe impact such as a traffic accident or stabbing.
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