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TravelMEDI is a medical tourism company, founded by doctors and travel consultants to give a different understanding to the field of health tourism.

Our co-founder Serkan Celen has worked with a lot of national and international companies in the field of tourism for around 15 years.

TravelMEDI is the one and only medical tourism company that possesses the certification of American MTQUA (Medical Travel Quality Alliance). MTQUA is a special institution that gives consultancy and regulates many medical facilitators and medical tourism companies from all over the world. Whole operation in TravelMEDI is periodically controlled by MTQUA.

TravelMEDI provides a boutique-type service in English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, French, Ukranian and German languages.

We prepare a personalized travel program for all our patients. Once we receive the flight booking confirmation from the patient, our coordinators prepare a trip program along with a booklet that will be a guide for him/her throughout the journey.

If you wish to extend your trip, we offer alternative hotel options, tour and travel options as well. Starting from the airport pick-up and including the the follow-up procedure, you will be accompanied by our operational team.

One of our most important features is that all our patients are followed up in our CRM system and they are informed in the post-operation period and followed up until they reach 1 year. Respecting to the confidentiality, all the photographs and personal data about pre-operation, consultation, post-operative period are saved in our archives for 1 year.

Our patient coordinators attend you online before you come here also accompany you during your stay here.

Diagnosis process


Before your treatment, we want you to fill out the “Form”. After examining your data, our doctors determine the most appropriate treatment for you. After our consultants provide an approximate price, with your approval, the booking process is confirmed by us.

After this process, you can consult our doctors about any subject. In this way, the doctor-patient communication begins before your treatment and when you arrive here for your treatment, your doctor can immediately start the procedures.

Medical treatment in Turkey


Thanks to the latest methods that we utilize, your treatment can be determined easily. If your doctor comments that you need some tests, you will be informed and you can take these tests either in Turkey or in your own country. The biggest advantage of this method is that you’ll learn your budget required for your treatment before you arrive in Turkey. Thus, there’ll be no surprise additional costs for you.

Diagnosis process


TravelMEDI provides you with an assistance regarding finding available and affordable flight tickets as well. Our travel consultants have the qualifications to make inside and outside organizations that will make you feel at home.

Your transportation, accommodation and hospital arrangements will be made by us before you arrive in Turkey. These reservation vouchers will be mailed to you prior to your arrival. When you arrive in Turkey, everything you need will be organized, ready to go.

Our Certificates

TravelMEDI MTQUA certificate - First medical tourism company in Turkey
JCI certificate - JCI certificated hospitals in Turkey
TravelMEDI TURSAB certificate - TURSAB certificated medical tourism company in Turkey
TAOM certificate - TAOM certificated hospitals in Turkey
TPRECD certificate - TPRECD certificated hospitals in Turkey
TPRECD certificate - TPRECD certificated hospitals in Turkey
Our Misson Our Vision

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to ensure 100% satisfaction in all aspects for the patients who choose us by realizing their treatment via the best specialized doctors in Turkey, and also by offering the best tourist programs with the most appropriate prices in order to make them feel the comfort of their homes.
  1. Using the latest techniques in all treatments.
  2. Providing the most affordable budget yet the best quality services.
  3. Involving the best medical doctors of Turkey.
  4. Prompt and constant communication that will help you find answers to your questions.
15+ Years Experience

TravelMEDI is an institution founded by doctors and travel consultants to give a different understanding and functioning in the field of health tourism.

Affordable Price

TravelMEDI, provide you with the best affordable prices alongside with the best doctors and hospitals and high quality facilities and services.

Service Quality

All of our doctors are specialized in their fields/ treatment and speak foreign language in addition to following up all new Innovations in their specialty.

International Services

We since establishing, have offered our services for a lot of foreign patients from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and all around the world.

Our Partners

In-Network Providers

Dr. Oyku Celen's Clinic


Dermatologist Dr. Celen is specializes in hair transplant, cosmetical treatments and skin disorders.She provides services at her own clinic.

Op. Dr. Esra Bilgen's Clinic

Plastic Surgeon

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Esra B. specializes in plastic surgeries especially face, body and breast surgeries by using the latest technological methods. She provides services at her own clinic and her contracted hospitals.

Op. Dr. Ali Ofluoglu's Clinic


With an experience of nearly 25 years, Dr. Ali O. performs laser treatments and cataract surgeries. He treats Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism and Presbyobia by utilizing the latest technologies. He provides services at his own clinic and contracted hospitals.