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What is the main reason for breast lift surgery?

Every woman would want to have nicely round and not sagging breasts. For this reason breast lift surgery has been increadibly popular over the last few years.

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is an aesthetic surgery that is performed in order to eliminate the sagginess, droopiness and lack of volume of breasts caused by pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause or basically gravity and time.

Breasts stay pretty tight and elevated during the first years of their formation. However through time, the effect of gravity, gaining or losing weight, wrong bra usage or breasfeeding can make them droopier and saggier. They also lose their volume and stiffness. The appearance of them can be supported with push-up bras but after a certain amount of time, it can make the person uncomfortable and can cause a lack of self-confidence. Before a breast lift surgery, the breasts are examined to see how flexible the skin is and how advanced the sagging is. According to the case, surgery is planned and a better and elevated shape is given to the breasts.

One of the important subjects about breast lift is that whether to increase the size of the breasts or not. If the patient has both excess sagging and also lack of volume, it would most probably be necessary to place breast implants in order to replace the volume and give it a tight and elevated look. Furthermore, the more the breasts sag, the bigger the nipples (areolas) get. Therefore they need a reduction as well in those cases.

How is the breast lift surgery and healing process?

Principally there are 3 methods of breast lift surgery:

Circumareolar lift for those if there is a slight sagging in the nipples
For further sagging, vertical incision lift is performed which consists of a scar mark from the areolar towards the lower end of the breast
For advanced sagging, inverted T incision is used in order to lift the breasts.

It is performed under general anesthesia and the patient should stay 1 night at the hospital. Approximately after 3-4 days, patient can return to daily activities. It is recommended to use a special bra for 1 month. It is not recommended to do any intense physical activities such as weight lifting, stretching, sleeping on belly.

During the first months after breast lift surgery, the incisions are more visible, however after 1 year they fade and become less noticeable. Unless the patient gains so much weight or breastfeeds, her breasts can maintain their shape for a long time. Lastly, if done by true professionals, it is not an obstacle for breastfeeding.