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Facts that you didn’t know about Smart Lenses

Do I need to wear glasses after my smart lens treatment?

Smart lenses provide a glasses-free life to see near, middle and far distances. Patient does not have to wear glasses anymore.

Can my vision acuity number recur?

Before applying smart lenses, patient’s eyes are examined detailed. Corneal structure and topography analysis are studied. After these detailed analysis, surgeon makes certain calculations. If it is applied for the right patient, acuity number will not recur.

Can I swim in the sea or have a bath with my smart lenses?

Smart lenses are not located in the upper surface of your eyes, unlike contact lenses. They are placed inside your eyes. Therefore contact with water does not affect anything. You can continue to your social life as normal.

They say smart lenses “increase life quality”. What are the advantages of it?

  • Provides a glasses-free life.
  • With one operation, it fixes cataract, near, middle and far distance vision problems.
  • It does not restrict social life as contact lenses.
  • Vision acuity numbers do not recur.
  • No chance of ocurring of cataract.
  • It is free of stitches and general anesthesia. It is performed with analgesic eye drops.
  • Most of those who are not suitable for laser treatment can have smart lenses.
  • It can be performed for those who have high/advanced acuity numbers.

Do smart lenses cause my eye color to change?

Smart lenses are very thin and transparent lenses, therefore they do not change your eye color.

Can it be performed after eye laser treatment?

If your eyes are found suitable by your surgeon, it can be performed.

Does the patient receive anesthesia during the procedure?

No need for general anesthesia. Analgesic eye drops are used to numb the eyes.

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